2015: Another New Metal Alloy for Castings

2015: Another New Metal Alloy for Castings

One of the latest metal alloys to be introduced for OEM manufactured parts that operate at extremely high temperature is Hi-Sil Moly. This new ductile iron alloy is an iron metal base composed with silicon and molybdenum.

There are four enhanced properties of Hi-Sil Moly ductile iron. Numerous industries are already beginning to benefit and leveraging the use of this new alloy such as: automotive, aircraft, oil drilling, and heavy construction equipment. The improved properties of Hi-Sil Moly ductile iron are opening up new doors within the manufacturing sector by elevating temperature tensile strength, increasing stress-rupture strength, maximizing oxidation resistance and strengthening structural stability.

Temperature Tensile Strength

Normal high strength steel begins to drastically reduce its rigidness after reaching 600°F. Hi-Sol Moly effectively doubles this temperature range up to 1200-1500°F.

Stress-Rupture Strength

Molybdenum lead prolongs the sudden failure of the metal under an extreme work load or pressure.

Oxidation Resistance

A silicon layer prevents metal lost through the formation of the oxide rich scale caused by various environmental conditions.

Structural Stability

An improved bounce-back capability of the metal allowing it to be retested or re-stressed again.

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