3D Printing adding Flexibility to Casting Manufacturing

3D Printing adding Flexibility to Casting Manufacturing

The advancements in 3 dimensional printing were showcased at the EuroMold 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany last November. The trade show highlighted the benefits and added flexibility that 3D printing now offers the manufacturing ecosystem; including sand casting and other casting manufacturing styles.

The aerospace, automotive and robotic industries were all represented as business segments that have greatly benefited from this new found connection. Sand casted airline seat bases, Porsche engine components with carbon fiber parts and robotic apparatuses and tools, were all on hand displaying the five core manufacturing applications that 3D printing offers casting manufacturing.

Expansion into more industries was not the only buzz going around the EuroMold 2014. Also released for the first time was the employment of triple-jetting technology, a new feature of color multi-material 3D printing. This latest printing style allows designers to manufacture using up to 12 different material options to include rubber-like, rigid, high-temperature and even bio-compatible materials. Specifically introduced was ULTEM 1010 resin for high-to-extreme heat casting manufacturing applications. The special resin combines superior heat, chemical resistance and tensile strength with bio-compatibility.

3D printing is blazing a new trail for casting manufacturing. One attending chief executive was quoted, “3D printing is no longer just about the systems themselves…giving our customers the full solutions that address all their requirements and the flexibility to leverage 3D print their way.”

What works best for your OEM product or component? Deciding which casting manufacturing process and which style of 3D printing still proposes a major challenge to many companies. Alloy Products Distribution, gives you an experienced casting manufacturing agent that covers handling of all the logistics by locating the right process, choosing the best manufacturer for the job, negotiating prices, overseeing the tooling and factory production, quality inspections, production financing, insurance, customs clearance and delivery.

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