Best Die Casting Manufacturing Practices

Best Die Casting Manufacturing Practices

Mainland China is quickly becoming the die casting manufacturing hub of the global market. Recently, many overseas manufacturing companies have refocused on improving their product precision by moving to more die cast and investment casting production styles. Through the use of different and new alloy materials along with additional surface finishing options; die cast manufacturing is set to become a more viable casting manufacturing option in 2015.

Oversea China manufacturing output has been dominated by sand casting manufacturing, approximately 70% of the current national production. Casting manufacturing companies are increasingly accommodating their clients with regards to specifications on casting materials, tolerances and surface finishes. Some of the top materials that are gaining attention in die casting manufacturing are: ductile iron and aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steels and other nonferrous materials. With the growth of usable materials, new polishing, painting and plating finishes are providing a fresh new look for die casting manufactured parts.

The global die casting manufacturing competition is expected to maintain the current market pricing, and projections of the casting industry are expected to remain stable in the next upcoming months. The key to leveraging the die casting manufacturing and overseas manufacturing is through the use and partnership of a quality manufacturing scouring agent. Alloy Products Distribution, offers an American company with the knowledge and existing relationships with reputable overseas manufacturers. Acting on behalf of our clients, we manage your OEM part and components from start to finish. We offer manufacturing with a guarantee, you pay nothing until the product is received in your warehouse, inspected and approved by you! Call us today!

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