Screw Plugs, Drain Plugs, Magnetic Drain Plug

Screw Plugs, Drain Plugs, Magnetic Drain Plug

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CNC Machining

ACEI is a leading manufacturer of nonstandard fasteners and CNC machinery processed parts, including drain and screw plugs; ball bolts; hanger bolts; eye bolts; pins and shafts; gear wheels and gear shafts; inserts and couplings; among others. We specialize in nonstandard parts and CNC machinery processed from roughcasts that are either cold-forged or hot-forged

We provide consistent quality and competitive prices for our customers, who appreciate that we stay current on the newest trends in quality control and improvement. We are a manufacturer that continuously invests in new product development and assists our more than 150 customers to obtain reliable resources in the Pacific Rim for their manufacturing requirements.  We welcome challenges to do better and to consistently serve your company’s offshore requirements.

ACEI leading manufacturer

drain plug, screw plug
ACEI is the leading manufacturer of drain plugs and screw plugs for industries of pipeline; heat exchanger; hydraulic and pneumatic system; machinery and vehicle; and others, including standard plugs under DIN906, DIN908, DIN909, D910, DIN5586 and DIN7604, AND shoulder plugs for heat exchangers made from ASTM SA105, A350 LF2, and A479.  ACEI also provides the flexibility to manufacturer a variety of nonstandard plugs, according to the customers’ drawings.


magnetic drain plug, magnetic screw plugWe offer our customers professional service of processes on cold forging; hot forging; CNC machinery turning and threading; and custom-made nonstandard metal products with the aforementioned processes by mature and optimized output efficiency and strict quality controlling system. We also offer heat treatment and surface treatment.

No matter if it’s steel, stainless steel, brass, or aluminum, we use only the best materials, from reliable sources, at the best prices.

24-Hour Turn Around

ACEI and APD have partnered together to ensure your inquiries and RFQs are answered within 24 hours.

We offer quotations within 24 hours that detail complete terms, counter drawings, tooling cost (if applicable) and first article lead time, production lead time, and fun detail of QC plan.

To ensure you’re getting the best possible price, the ACEI’s team gets updates every day of the rate of main currencies, main drain plug, screw plugmetal prices local market, Shanghai metal exchange, and LME. This guarantees that your inquiry is evaluated fast, precisely, and competitively by our team. We also utilize our expert knowledge in cost factors such as current local labor force cost, right machinery type, shift output, mould and fixture cost, material wastage, and latest recycled material price to save you every possible cent.

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