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China International Die Casting Congress

This year the 10th China International Die Casting Congress is being held from July 8th to 10th 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. A meeting of global manufacturing specialists, scholars, top manufacturer consumers along with die casting sourcing agents and other industry representatives will converge at China Die Casting 2015.

60 Years of Die Casted Toys

An early staple in many children’s lives is Matchbox cars. These tiny, die casted toys have served as the foundation of automotive passion in car lovers, vehicle designers, collectors and mechanics alike. Matchbox cars are now over 60 years old and are still being manufactured across the world. It is truly amazing that despite over six decades of industrial manufacturing advancements, these small vehicles have lasted so long and held so dearly in the hearts of today’s children, as well as those that played with them so many years ago.

Leverage the Best of the Die Casting Industry

Being released for the first time to the European die casting industry is a revolutionary change that will generate a costs savings of up to 85% for all die casting manufacturing processes. This new lubricant formula has proven to drastically reduce manufacturing running costs and extend the life of expensive die molds used to manufacture various OEM components and parts.

State of Die Casting

Recent U.S. GDP growth rate has remained fairly constant over the past few years and has help given die casting manufacturing room to expand the market across the globe. The die casting industry is still the front runner of the manufacturing world, but some recent regulation changes are quickly becoming a major challenge to overcome.

The Changing World of Die Casting

The die casting manufacturing industry has always been on the move; most businesses just haven’t noticed the changes or the advancements seemed to be minimal. For an example: increasing the fuel economy of the cars that we drive today is a combination of light-weight frames, aerodynamic body panels and high-efficient motors.