Choppy Waters Ahead, Get on Board a Sea-Worthy Ship

Choppy Waters Ahead, Get on Board a Sea-Worthy Ship

Recently, a few new environmental mandates are being pressed into U.S. Federal law at an alarming rate, namely the added restrictions of Lead-Free Brass in OEM parts manufacturing. Brass castings and forgings with lead are being banned in most states and now are being federally regulated with the recent amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 61.

Over the past several years, many manufacturers involved with leaded red brass castings are now being forced to make some serious decisions. Alloy Products Distribution has been forward thinking and begin working with each of our overseas manufacturers to come up with a proper solution for brass forging requirements on behalf of our U.S. clients. Together we are focusing on developing an even more beneficial and acceptable change to the material that has been previously used for the past 50-100 years.

One of today’s best engineered solutions for lead free red brass has been EnviroBrasses, which will adequately replace their older leaded counterparts and meet today’s new U.S. regulations. These lead free replacements generally have very similar physical properties of the previous leaded versions. Typically, the only drawback to most of the lead free alloys comes in the added challenges during the machining process. While the die and sand casting process has not changed, the material and metal alloy being used has to be adapted to meet these new U.S. federal mandates.  The added use of certain alloying elements has been proven to overcome these challenges.

Not all cast manufacturing has or needs to be converted. There are also other variables alternatives that could be considered; stainless steel can be substituted for brass in most applications. The changeover from sand casting brass to stainless steel is a very viable alternative for both sand casts and investment casted products.

Truth behold you need guided navigation in these ever changing waters of casting and forging manufacturing. Since 1985 Alloy Products Distribution has had a handle on managing the industry, guiding our customers along a path filled with numerous course changes.

Alloy Products Distribution is here to meet the serious challenges our customers are facing today with this new federal regulations of leaded brass. Why not give us the chance analyze your unique leaded brass situation and propose the best solution that will fit your production specifications and requirements? We can offer you the manufacturers already capable of efficiently machining lead free brass finished OEM parts. Use of our well established industry knowledge, to choose the right casting process, conduct quality assurance inspections to handling the final delivery at your warehouse. All before you pay any chartering fee!

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