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Our Facilities

Since 1985, our manufacturer has been making the exact OEM parts you require within our group of quality sourced manufacturers. We are able to create custom iron works, OEM parts and components for your exact specifications. We have been the #1 choice that companies turn to for their manufacturing company. We offer investment casting, metal stamping, die casting along with other various machine shop processes and methods.

We handle all the logistics by locating the right process, the best manufacturer for the job, negotiating prices, overseeing the tooling and factory production, quality inspections, production financing, insurance, customs clearance and delivery.

OEM parts

Automatic molding / squeezer lines

Capable of handling large mold sizes need for large complex casting projects.

OEM parts

Automatic Disamatic Line

Inline molding method with automated mold/core assemblies increases production quantities and maximizes quality assurance ratios of your OEM parts.

OEM parts


Metal melting practices have been mastered with today’s advance technology and manufacturing technics to create the custom, complex OEM parts you require.

OEM parts

CNC Machining

Metal finishing applications on vertical, horizontal & turning machines.  4 and 5 axis capability is available.

OEM parts

Semi-automatic molding line

Automated production lines are set up to provide continuous production, expediting the manufacturing time and final delivery.

OEM parts

Automatic Sand Handling/Prep Equipment

Computer controlled green sand mixture control provides consistent and defect free molds.  Mixing control automatically adjusts temperature, moisture and density to ensure a consistent casting throughout an entire production run.