Manufacturing’s Decline in Customer Service

Manufacturing’s Decline in Customer Service

The ultimate goal is business growth; adding more customers each year in business. Most businesses start out with a great idea, a lot of blood, sweat and loads of hard work. In the beginning, each customer received 110% attention because they are so vital. What changes down the road? What happens in year five or 15? Why do businesses gravitate away from that level of detail and customer service that started their business in the first place?

The early days are always the hardest, most exciting and widely emotional days. Everything is tied to the happiness of a handful of clients, without them there is no business. These select customers get a direct line for support, continuous updates, hand written thank you cards and all the bells and whistles to include all the “small” details such as prepaid return envelopes, or a monthly call just checking in.

The changes don’t happen all at once. To be honest, the why and where they occurred doesn’t even matter. Not as much as the corrective action or strategy.

Many businesses have to revert to calling in a consultant to figure out what happen and devise a recovery plan. One Forbes contributor, simplifies his strategy “…every single customer is irreplaceable.” He further explains that customers ARE NOT an infinite volume amount. There will not always be another client, or another bid to win. Today’s manufacturing companies need to stop thinking about their reputation that was earned in the beginning with those early customers and start acting like they need today’s customers to survive.

The customer service expectation is a two-way street. OEM part customers have a clear expectation of a manufacturing service based on price, time and product quality. But casting manufacturers need reciprocate their own customer service expectations. Across the industry, there is a great need to reset the standards of customer service levels that is deliverable to customers along with their manufactured component.

Manufacturing OEM parts is not a simple repetitive job. Each die casting, sand casting or investment casting are one-off individual components that will have hundreds of questions and concerns from clients. A casting is as unique as the end products. True customer service addresses these concerns as they arise. Yet still some shy away from personal engagement, deciding to solve their customer service issues with a self-help guide. Would this have passed for customer service if this was their first client?

Alloy Products Distribution has bridged the gap in outsourcing a varied of manufacturing needs. As a sourcing agent we handle all the logistics by locating the right process, the best manufacturer for the job, negotiating prices, overseeing the tooling and factory production, quality inspections, production financing, insurance, customs clearance and delivery. Utilizing this concept, we continue to have excellent success in making the right choices for our customers.

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