Seen Not Heard Around the World

Seen Not Heard Around the World

The foundry and casting industry is a rapidly changing and truly a global market. Throughout the world, in industrialized countries as well as developing nations, there continues to be a large push to improve the die and sand casting process to produce an even better final product. Companies are reaching outside their boarders and even across oceans to take advantage of the latest casting and molding advancements. This practice is much easier said than done. What type of foundry works best for your needs?  Where do we begin in selecting a manufacturer? What makes that casting and forging company an expert? What are the exporting and importing regulations? How does the timing of shipping work? What quality control measures are completed or in place? Each of these questions must be carefully evaluated for each casting manufacturer.

In Africa, a case study with the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) emphasizes on improving the repair workshop sites within the country. The focus is to bring the repair facilities up to speed with the latest modern technology and increase production capacity by replacing older outdated equipment and streamlining parts. The NRC reached out to a foreign firm to assist with the management of this modernization. With newer equipment and realigning overseas manufacturers, the Corporation has reported a positive impact in operations of maintenance turnaround time and rolling train wagons. The NRC will continue to focus on improving each workshop installation as each site will be geared toward specific segments of the local economy. These segments have been identified by the Federal Government as major components to improving the national GDP.

The foundry industry is much too large to take on by oneself, without having exceptional expertise in the field. To economically meet your die, sand and investment casting needs, you need an industry partner to leverage your position and oversee each transaction on your behalf.

Alloy Products Distribution does just this and more. We have experience in various processes to create custom casting, OEM parts and other forging styles. Since 1985, we’ve offer a quality manufacturing source that today’s companies turn to by leveraging overseas facilities, organizing shipping, providing quality control testing and coordinating final warehouse delivery. All with a guarantee that you won’t pay until you have the final product in hand at your warehouse.

Alloy Products Distribution gives you peace-of-mind in an otherwise difficult and challenging industry.

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