Taking Aim at the Right Product

Taking Aim at the Right Product

There are numerous forging and foundry methods used for a variety of products in an even wider range of industries. How do you pick the one that will best fit your OEM component, where do you start? On our Capabilities page we have a detailed description explaining and comparing the benefits between die, sand and injection molding as well as other types of forging manufacturing.

For years the firearm industry has used the timeless forging technic of investment castings. Investment casting remains a great option for those clients that need a fast production time. The tolerance of this type of cast manufacturing is so narrow that the casted parts seldom need any additional machining (finish). The types of materials that can be cast range from aluminum alloys, bronzes, tool steels, stainless steels, Stellite, Hastelloys to other precious metals.

Sand Casting is another method that caters to OEM manufactured part designs. This process has less emphasis on the product aesthetics and involves more complex component shapes and outlines. Sand cast manufacturing generally has a rougher surface with some impurities and variations. However, a machining process can be added to achieve a desired surface texture.

For small parts that have to be held in place for mechanical operation, injection molding offers an ideal casting process that doesn’t require a chemical reaction. 3D printing has recently expanded the available shapes and designs that can be offered, which were historically forged by steel, aluminum or other metal alloys pieces.

These are but only a few examples of the different foundry options that are available for today’s OEM part manufacturing and castings. For a more detailed explanation of these and others please contact us at Alloy Products Distribution. We are willing to work with you to evaluate the best process meeting all your specific needs; locate the right overseas manufacturer, negotiate pricing and financing, coordinate quality control inspections and handle complete shipping to your warehouse. All of this guaranteed before you pay anything.

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