The Changing World of Die Casting

The Changing World of Die Casting

The die casting manufacturing industry has always been on the move; most businesses just haven’t noticed the changes or the advancements seemed to be minimal. For an example: increasing the fuel economy of the cars that we drive today is a combination of light-weight frames, aerodynamic body panels and high-efficient motors.  Most of these developments are simply overlooked!

The die casting world is closer than national boundaries or continental landmasses. As businesses continue to expand new segments and into other developing countries, so goes the newest technology. Sharing of manufacturing knowledge both strengthens and weakens the industry as a whole. Available resources, additional governing bodies and controlling agencies are important variables in how die casting manufacturing is changing around the world.

Shrinking Resources

The earth only has so much available natural resources. Many nations are noticing their manufacturing consumption rates are growing at alarming percentages. Countries are taking numerous actions to combat and control exhausting their own supplies of limited resources: more governments’ regulations, limiting industry production totals and improving production standards are a few examples.

Governing Bodies and Agencies

In an effort to establish a solid foothold within the die casting market; national and local governments are introducing new laws and regulations to ensure that they don’t become completely reliant on neighboring and foreign nations. In the U.S., the EPA has established new automobile MPG guidelines and has limited output control over manufacturing with carbon credits.

Developing Technology

Both of the above driving forces have pushed the limits and capabilities of die casting manufacturing globally. Many recent cast manufacturing advancements are turning into long-term trends such as lightweight construction, hybrid components and blending of new stronger metals alloys. These are producing sound alternatives and environmentally friendly solutions for a growing industry with a decreasing material supply. One of the latest and most complicated hybrid components are die casted OEM parts with plastics molded into the assembly.

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