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Manufacturing’s Decline in Customer Service

The ultimate goal is business growth; adding more customers each year in business. Most businesses start out with a great idea, a lot of blood, sweat and loads of hard work. In the beginning, each customer received 110% attention because they are so vital. What changes down the road? What happens in year five or 15? Why do businesses gravitate away from that level of detail and customer service that started their business in the first place?

Choosing a Manufacturer

Choosing a Manufacturer

Traditionally, the relative cost of manufacturing at an overseas foundry has been significantly lower than producing OEM alloy metal components in other, more developed, countries. With cost-effective production in mind, it is no surprise that small U.S. companies are flocking to manufacturing sites in China.

The Changing World of Die Casting

The die casting manufacturing industry has always been on the move; most businesses just haven’t noticed the changes or the advancements seemed to be minimal. For an example: increasing the fuel economy of the cars that we drive today is a combination of light-weight frames, aerodynamic body panels and high-efficient motors.

Casting or Forging

Casting or Forging

While both processes start with metal, casting and forging differ in both process and time involved. With the process of casting, melted metal is poured into the appropriate mold, then allowed to solidify. Once the component has completed the solidifying step, the only thing that needs to be done is the finishing operations.

Time Enhanced Process

Aluminum die casting has been around for many years. The practice can be traced all the way back to the 20th century. Die casting today, has been a versatile process for producing engineered metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into steel molds. These molds can then be used to mass produce complex metal alloy components with a variety of surface styles and finishes. Castings are regularly used in many common products in a wide variety of applications: from decorative sculptures, jewelry to automotive and aircraft engine parts.

New Website Launch

Welcome to the new Alloy Products Distribution website! Thanks for checking out our new Blog. We have spent a lot of time and energy in updating the site. We’re very excited to release it to our customers and we would love to hear your comments on the finished product. One of the biggest changing is the navigation, you will not only find this new layout simpler to use but also will have a faster load time. Be sure to leave a comment and share this release with your co-workers....