China International Die Casting Congress

China International Die Casting Congress

This year the 10th China International Die Casting Congress is being held from July 8th to 10th 2015 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. A meeting of global manufacturing specialists, scholars, top manufacturer consumers along with die casting sourcing agents and other industry representatives will converge at China Die Casting 2015.

Individuals and companies from across the world will predict and discuss the latest in die casting manufacturing trends, have on-site displays and demonstrations of the newest technology with an in-depth industry analysis in informative academic forums.

Best in Show

The star of the summit is the famous “Best Die Casting Competition.” Throughout the entire global die casting market this event has become the bar setting event for the industry today. This friendly, professional competition amongst the top preforming industry experts will test manufacturing companies over equal and transparent evaluations. Global manufacturers will go head to head and the competition will surely push the limits; setting a new pace for innovation and technological advances within the die casting manufacturing global market.

Other Notable Events

The China International Die Casting Congress is stacked with significant and informational meetings, filled with match-making events for future and ongoing intercontinental business networking opportunities. Here are a few other important die casting events:

2nd China InternationalAutomotive Casting Conference – Forum for automotive and other transportation die casting segments to discuss industry keynotes with several expert panel dialogues. 
FSC China InternationalDie Casting Match-making 2015 – Hold or start new international communication with die casting manufacturing suppliers, buyers and sourcing agents. Manufacturing representatives from North American, Europe and Asia will be available to easily network and bridge oceanic distances and to talk the industry face to face. 
Die Casting Technology and Automation Exhibition Area – Display of the latest innovative techniques and die casting processes used in the field today. 


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