Leverage the Best of the Die Casting Industry

Leverage the Best of the Die Casting Industry

Being released for the first time to the European die casting industry is a revolutionary change that will generate a costs savings of up to 85% for all die casting manufacturing processes. This major announcement is the industry’s first move away from water-based die lubricants, which are used to remove die casting parts from press machines, to a water-free releasing agent called Lubrolene WFR-EC. This new lubricant formula has proven to drastically reduce manufacturing running costs and extend the life of expensive die molds used to manufacture various OEM components and parts.

This latest development in die casting manufacturing was introduced at the Aalener Giesserei Kolloquium 2015 by Tim Butler, Head of Special Projects, at Ultraseal International.

Costs Saving

The benefits stem from the new lubricant’s ability to cover more surface area, as well as penetrating further into smaller and more complex die casting molds. This new die casting lubricant’s superior quality and thickness is further enhanced when it’s applied electrostatically.

With a better coverage area and less volume used, die casting machines are able to run longer production times with less stoppage requirements or mechanical breakdowns. These extended production runs provides less opportunity for part defects or deviations of set quality standards. Providing a savings on quality assurance inspections and decreasing part rejection rates.

Strategic Advantage

While many OEM part manufacturing companies do offer a wide product range, they can’t specialize in them all. Alloy Products Distribution serves as a quality sourcing agent for U.S. companies in need of OEM part manufacturing. We act on your behalf to determine the best manufacturing process, locate a top quality manufacturing partner, manage any required machine retooling/setup processes and conduct a strict quality assurance inspection schedule. Additionally, we handle all of the financing, shipping and domestic/foreign customs requirements. Delivering a fully tested OEM manufactured part that meets your exact needs.

In fact, you pay nothing until you have received, inspected and signed off on the manufactured OEM parts in your warehouse!

Lubrolene WFR-EC

Ultraseal International is a design and manufacture of Vacuum Impregnation equipment. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom with operations based in Munich, Germany. They have established joint ventures across Asia as well as the United States. Ultraseal International has been granted limited distribution rights from Aoki Science Institute of Japan, the developer of Lubrolene WFR-EC.