Manufacturing Moving Worldwide

Manufacturing Moving Worldwide

A growing business market is the resell of die casting manufacturing equipment. These costly and bulky components are adding to the growth of the global casting manufacturing market. One major reseller has already made itself a staple by supplying many new and start-up companies across Europe, Asia and South America.

Cast manufacturing is a difficult and capital intense business. Many long-term manufacturing power houses are not able to keep up with the latest technology or can adapt quickly enough to the changing demands of their customers. These resellers are collecting manufacturing equipment from the heaviest industrialized countries in Europe, the United States and Canada. Setting them up in other less developed countries where the labor cost are drastically lower or have less governmental control and restrictive laws.

They are not just supplying simple press machines either. Some are offering both hot and cold chamber die castings, aluminum and high pressure zinc casting machines, trim presses, finishing and other inspection equipment as well.

Since 1985, Alloy Products Distribution has helped our customers manufacture parts to their exact specifications. As the top of the line sourcing agent, we handle all the logistics, negotiating and shipping so you don’t have to worry. We will help guide you through to the right choices and selecting the best option for your specific needs. It is our promise that you won’t pay until you have the product in hand and are satisfied that it has met all the requirements that you need.

We have been the #1 choice that U.S. companies turn to for a manufacturing partner. If you’re looking for a manufacturer to use a specific process for the parts you require, then you have come to the right place. We offer investment casting, metal stamping, and die casting along with other various foundry methods.