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Alloy Products Distribution, Inc. (APD) is a proven industry leader and pioneer of customized, engineered parts for Natural Gas Utilities and OEM manufactured products for various vertical industries, including automotive, transportation, construction, lighting, marine, and consumer products, to name a few.
Our unparalleled decades of expertise have filled the void in outsourcing for a diverse range of manufacturing partners. At APD, we meticulously analyze each customer’s profile, offering tailored recommendations grounded in production efficiency, quality assurance, and cost-effectiveness considerations.

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As APD grew, we identified the evolving needs of our customers that necessitated global solutions for them to gain a competitive edge. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in aiding over 150 companies servicing multiple industry segments in securing reliable resources in the Pacific Rim for their manufacturing requirements.

APD extends a welcome invitation for your company to leverage our expertise in meeting your business needs. We urge you to delve deeper into the variety of services we offer. Our values hinge on three fundamental principles: an unwavering commitment to providing honest, ethical, and confidential services to all our business partners.

Your interest in Alloy Products Distribution, Inc. is sincerely appreciated, and we are excited about the prospect of serving your company’s manufacturing and parts requirements with unmatched dedication and proficiency to ensure your success.

Gas Fittings

Our streamlined processes enable us to inventory most of our Gas and OEM’s fittings, ensuring stocked products can be shipped within 24 hours to any destination in the U.S.
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Whether it’s Investment Casting, Die Casting, Sand Casting, Metal Stamping, or Forging, our engineering team works with you to produce the products you need and expect.
Warehouses with over 50,000 Sq.ft of storage
Over 4 million
products in stock
4 M
Over 200 years of collective manufacturing experience
200 yrs

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To find the products and solutions you need for your business, visit our product-specific fittings for Natural Gas Utilities or our custom solutions for OEM’s websites.

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